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Date Added:11 September, 2012

Author: Netscape

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Netscape Navigator 9 is a web browsing tool by NETSCAPE, one of the most powerful web development company. Netscape offers high speed web browsing along with one click web search from the Netscape search bar. Now you don't need to download a search tool bar. Just like other internet browsers Netscape can be handled by home, stop, reload and history buttons. Using the file menu you can save a web page as HTML or plain text (.TXT). Netscape also carries a built-in spell checker. Netscape Navigator allows the user to open multiple sites in one window. Each site opens in a different tab. You can bookmark all the sites opened in window with one click. You can easily replace your older web browser with Netscape, because Netscape offers automatic backup of cookies and favorites. So you won't have to lose sites important for you. One more interesting feature about Netscape is it's Link Pad. You can add any link to Link Pad by right clicking on the link and selecting "Save link to Link Pad". This feature is useful when you don't need a link for longer use . Netscape offers a mini browser also. It opens a small vertical window at the left side.This feature is very useful if you are searching for something as well browsing a site. Error console is useful to see any error, a broken link message or a warning. Windows Media, Free Hotmail and Windows Marketplace are given as bookmarks. So at last Netscape Navigator is a fast web browsing tool with lots of new features which can get you rid of your old browser.

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